Cloud services

We are technically able to provide expert support teams on Cloud platforms in terms of cloud sizing and architecture, administration, security and scalability. 

We are agnostic in the solutions you need to implement and we adapt the characteristics of your business.

Data Warehousing, BI y Big Data

Data Warehousing, BI y Big Data

Big Data and Business Intelligence allow the business to extract value from information, but they do so in different, complementary ways. Thus, BI seeks to delve into the data sets available to the organization. The way to gain insights through business intelligence processes is as follows:

  • Leverage software and services to collect, store, and analyze data.
  • Transform them into actionable intelligence.
  • Nurture the organization's systems with this knowledge, for better tactical and strategic decision-making of an organization.
  • ViergeGroup has specialized personnel who will be able to plan, structure and execute your business intelligence requirements, with a process that is easy to adapt to the software tools that contain all the information that your organization has.