App implementation

The services associated with an enterprise software product define the difference between several providers of the same application. 
Given the high level of investment and human resources committed to the implementation of business applications, there are key elements that must be managed by specialized professionals. Vierge Group provides a range of critical services for the successful implementation of business applications, both for own and third-party applications, including:

  • Implementation or commissioning (commissioning).
  • Post-implementation services, such as support, maintenance and version update.
  • Functional and operational consulting. 

Monitoring and Management

Markets change faster every day and require companies to implement a technological infrastructure that is safe, reliable and adds value to the business. However, its administration is increasingly complex and expensive, since it must integrate servers, operating systems, applications, networks and data storage from various hardware and software providers. Vierge Group administration and monitoring services help customers maximize their IT investments, providing a modular service at a reasonable cost that improves the productivity of business processes. This service guarantees the operational continuity, availability, integrity and response times of the technology platform and associated applications, regardless of whether the data center is owned by the Vierge Group or the customer.

Network Support and Security

Digitization has transformed our world. How we live, work, play and learn, everything has changed. Any organization that wants to provide the services demanded by customers and employees must protect its network.

Vierge Group Network support and security are any activity designed to protect the ease of use and integrity of your network and your data. It includes hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It addresses a variety of threats and prevents them from entering or spreading on your network, and also helps you protect confidential information against attacks. Ultimately, it protects your reputation.

The security of our network combines multiple layers of defenses on the edge and in the network. Each layer of network security implements policies and controls. Authorized users gain access to network resources, but malicious actors are blocked to carry out attacks and threats.

On Demand IT Support

Vierge Group provides specialized technical assistance to resolve incidents in the area that affect the technological infrastructure for IT users (PC, laptop, printer, software productivity, operating system, etc.). Our technical service is committed to providing preventive maintenance and repairs to the central devices, with the aim of guaranteeing the operational continuity of the users and the central platforms.  We offer a multi-platform and multi-brand service.

  • Our service is delivered at the user's workstation or at our clients' facilities.
  • We repair equipment in laboratories, while warranties are valid.
  • We are committed to the preventive maintenance of all equipment covered by the service. 
  • We temporarily replace the equipment to meet the agreed service levels. We temporarily replace the equipment to meet the agreed service levels.
  • We perform performance tests (with user agreement).
  • For the problem it has been resolved.
  • We provide information to users about the origin of their problem and recommend prevention measures.
  • We are a certified provider for various hardware and software platforms in the market.
  • Our technicians have been approved by leading manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony, HP, Dell, Packard Bell, etc.).
  • Our service is delivered by qualified personnel in the main technologies.

Remote IT Support

Our remote support service manages a centralized or distributed environment of end user equipment. This includes computers, peripherals, printers, PDAs, mobile devices, and others, which belong to the organization and as such require proactive and homogeneous control, protection and maintenance.

Vierge Group transforms reactive environments by introducing activities such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Software distribution and updates
  • Password Reset
  • Virus Control
  • Workstation support

 Remote control Vierge Group has specialized personnel with field experience in the integration of the various components, which is necessary to maintain operational continuity in technological environments, mitigate risks in time down, and maximize return on investment. Our specialist software support service provides technical assistance to our IT client platform manager, to maintain or increase the operational continuity of a software solution that is compatible with a business function.