Vierge Group has developed strong partnerships with manufacturers of applications and computer tools. We combine our own products and those of our manufacturer to cover a broad spectrum of technological support requirements for different business processes.

 We provide efficient tools and applications that address the challenges that most companies currently face, such as financial management and accounting (ERP), administration and customer service (CRM), asset management, business intelligence, content management, process management (BPM), finance Control, logistics control and foreign trade management.

 Our company has extensive experience in products focused on tax administration and administration, foreign trade, transfer pricing, processes and administration, file validation, and we also provide BPO tax services.

 The following is the list of effective tools and applications we use for our clients:

  • CRM
  • Asset Management
  • ERP FIN 700
  • Business intelligence
  • Content management
  • Financial and Logistic Control Solution. § Foreign Trade Solutions
  • Tax and Accounting Management Solutions
  • Business Process Management (BPM)