Payment Methods

Vierge Group works with a leading global provider of mPos (Mobile Points of Sale) terminals to offer our clients innovative payment solutions with the flexibility they need to boost their operational efficiency and cut costs.

This Android-based technology increases the quality and volume of fast, easy and secure mobile payment transactions while offering new potential uses; for example, correspondent banking services, public transportation fares, onboard airline purchases, “smart” library loan systems, and other solutions that can be adapted and scaled to suit different industries.


Technological advances have taken biometrics to a new level, allowing us to offer products with characteristics that replace the need for taking, scanning or verifying fingerprints.

Our solutions give companies the capacity for secure authentication of their digital resources.


Companies in different industries need to adopt technological solutions to increase their productivity and cut times and costs. Digitalization can allow them to have an online presence, meet delivery deadlines, process payments efficiently and have scanning capabilities, among other benefits.

Vierge Group is the perfect partner for driving and increasing the business opportunities that the digital transformation demands, offering solutions that ensure the secure processing of payments and financial documents.


UN1Q is a platform that allows for centralized management of any type of POS/TPV terminal. This means your company isn’t wedded to a single brand.

UN1Q accesses the telemetric information from these terminals, meaning our support teams can promptly address any problems end users experience with the equipment.

The platform also offers remote key use, parameter downloads and easy integration with terminals to allow for multiple customized applications.

Virtual Desktops

With this Vierge Group solution, companies can make their information available via Cloud, ensuring that it is secure and accessible.

This solution of the future facilitates the timely updates required for optimal operations while modernizing the IT infrastructure of agent and branch networks in a cost efficient way.

Developing a virtual desktop involves bringing legacy applications up to date to ensure they function correctly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Greater security, scalability, mobility for sales agents, greater availability of information, continuity of operations and improved ROI are just some of the benefits.

Gift Card Gateways

Viergegroup provides a gateway that allows the integration and generation of Gitfcards, so that it expands the payment methods and marketing of its products.

MPOS Integration

MPOS Integration MPOS means “Mobile Point of Sales” or “Mobile Point of Sale” They are small credit and debit card reader devices that connect to mobile phones or tablets.

Our mPOS platform makes any mobile device a smart selling point that provides powerful value-added tools.

Soft Token Integration

Soft Token Integration By integrating the creation of soft token in Trusteer Security Terminal, the soft token is no longer susceptible to cheating by malware.

Digital Signatures

Digital Certificates

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway. A payment gateway is to e-commerce what a credit card reader is to conventional stores. A payment gateway protects credit card information and other confidential data through cryptography. Viergegroup puts at your disposal the design, administration and implementation of Gateway for your financial transactions.