Data Warehousing, BI and Big Data

Big Data and Business Intelligence allow the business to extract value from information, but they do it in different ways, which complement each other. Thus, BI seeks to deepen the data sets available to the organization. The way to obtain knowledge through business intelligence processes is as follows:

  • Take advantage of software and services to collect, store and analyze data.
  • Transform them into actionable intelligence.
  • Nurture the organization's systems of this knowledge, for a better tactical and strategic decision making of an organization.

Viergegroup has specialized personnel that can plan, structure and execute your business intelligence requirements, with a process of easy adaptation to the software tools that contain all the information that your organization has

Online transaction processing

Vierge Group has a platform for processing financial transactions adaptable to your need and based on PCI standards, this service is subject to availability in your country, contact us for more information.

Virtual server

Companies must take into account the resources used for the storage and processing of data that meet the demands of their business, which can be reduced to the implementation of a new system, or when demand is likely grow as a result of business growth or expansion.

The virtualization and consolidation solution of Vierge Group allows you to reduce the space requirements in your own or third-party data centers, by using high-density servers (Blades). This translates into an architecture that translates into servers flexibly and on demand, which reduces downtime due to equipment failures or planned maintenance.