Vierge Group is a technology partner for companies in a range of sectors, especially finance and government.  We focus on the needs of our clients, developing projects that integrate hardware, software and specialized teams to optimize speed and guarantee quality. 



We have the ability to design solutions covering a wide range of technological needs, with accountability for everything from the most general to the most specific element of each project.

Our in-depth knowledge of IT, telecommunications, distribution and logistics, and our extensive resources in these areas, enable us to understand and serve our clients’ strategic business needs.


Thanks to our well-balanced financial structure, we are able to take on large-scale and complex projects that require significant up-front investment. Our solid financials lend us credibility in the world financial system to partner in projects of sensitive importance.



We have the flexibility to react promptly to emerging client needs, even unexpected developments not included in the original scope of work.

We act responsibly and diligently to develop the best solutions.